Howdoo is revolutionising the social media world through blockchain technology.

Our goal is to deliver a decentralised platform that is managed and governed by no single entity, but by large scale communities. That’s why at Howdoo we are giving users the opportunity to apply for nodes on the platform.

To ensure we give all members of the community a chance to participate, we are releasing our nodes on a first come, first serve basis through 3 phases. Each phase providing a different annual % of returns (paid monthly):
phase 1

of 250 nodes will provide a

phase 2

of 100 will provide a

phase 3

of 250 will provide a


In order apply for a node, you will need to ensure your wallet balance has a minimum of 125,000 uDoo tokens and this must always be maintained to receive your monthly return.

If at any point your uDoo balance falls below the required level during the month, you may not receive payment for that month, and your node position may be passed to the next applicant in the queue.

How to Apply.

Click the link below and complete the google form.

Please ensure that you have read all terms and conditions and ensure that you meet all of the requirements as a node operator.

Due to the limited supply of nodes and the fact that this is based on a first come, first serve basis, we encourage all interested parties to submit their application as soon as registration opens in order to secure their nodes.

If your application is successful you will be notified directly from Howdoo.